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With challenges from COVID-19 this holiday season, it’s more important to see and support our loved ones in safe, socially distant ways. To help you celebrate and stay connected virtually, we’re providing these 4 easy tips you can start using today.

1.    “Face-to-Face” Apps

One advantage of cell phones and computers is their access to apps. Tools like Zoom (or FaceTime if you have an iPhone) let you talk to and see your loved ones at the same time – the best kind of multitasking! You can even use these tools to schedule a dinner date with distant family, no travel required.


2.    Social Media

For a less hands-on experience, social media can be a fantastic resource. It keeps friends and family informed of updates, experiences, and stories while fostering interactions through comments, pictures, and reactions.


3.    E-Mail

Snail mail can be a fun way to connect with family and friends across distance, but it requires stamps and occasional trips to the post office. We recommend limiting extra trips out of the house by taking your letters online with e-mail. With this tool, you can send letters, pictures, and videos—and the turnaround time is so much quicker! You can even create email holiday cards.


4.    Online Family Games

Now, we’re not talking about buying or downloading the latest fad game, but there are many fun, low-effort ways to have some family fun, even when apart. From cards to classic board games, you can find free or low-priced versions on your phone or computer you can use as a great reason to connect.


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