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Every time the calendar restarts, older adults, caregivers, and entire communities find new inspiration to improve their lives. However, many people bite off more than they can chew, often keeping their convictions only until February 1. That doesn’t need to be the case. With a plan as well as some extra guidance and support from WMEC, you can follow through with your resolutions all year long. Get started with one of these common aspirations below.


Eat Healthier

If you’re like many Americans of every age, the new year is a reminder to change your dietary habits for a healthier you! Proper nutrition helps you keep up your strength while giving you enough energy to stay active and independent. Thankfully, with WMEC’s Nutrition Services, this is easier to achieve than ever.

Whether you’re receiving a home-delivered meal or visiting one of our Community Tables, you’ll get one-third of your daily nutritional needs in a delicious package. Offerings meet taste preferences as well as dietary restrictions. Meal options are available for older adults who need low-sodium, chopped, or pureed meals. For members of our Spanish-speaking community, authentic Latino meals are offered as a nutritious taste of home.

WMEC’s Nutrition Services don’t stop at feeding the body — they fuel the soul, too. With opportunities to interact with case managers, delivery drivers, and other consumers, these programs ensure that seniors living on their own are safe, independent, and stay connected to others.


Stay Active — Physically and Socially

Everyone—from aging parents to young adults—can benefit from physical activity. Now, this isn’t exclusive to hitting the gym. WMEC’s My Life, My Health is a free educational program that teaches practical skills to empower people to live better with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, and hypertension. Other programs like A Matter of Balance, which guides participants on ways to avoid falls and maintain stability, encourage mobility and active, independent lifestyles.

For others who seek ways to participate in an active environment, adults are welcome to connect at group offerings. The Rainbow Social Club invites members of the LGBTQ+ community to gather for enriching conversations, movies, activities, and social time together, virtually and in-person.

Volunteering can also offer an opportunity to socially engage with others and give back to your community.  Volunteers benefit through engagement and gain satisfaction by being part of an effort to improve the lives of others. Explore the possibilities of volunteering as a Meals on Wheels driver, leading Healthy Living workshops, or in WMEC’s Money Management or Long-Term Care Ombudsman programs.


Be a Better Budgeter

A new year often brings change and uncertainty. Everything from illness to unexpected bills to increased costs for food and utilities can wipe out savings and leave you in financial distress. For older adults with fixed incomes or difficulty budgeting, look into WMEC’s Money Management Program. This free service assists elders and people with disabilities in paying bills, writing checks, budgeting, and more. Depending on safety requirements, this service can be delivered in-home or virtually, during which a trained WMEC volunteer will help you stay on top of your expenses.


Don’t Know Where to Start? Call WMEC!

When it comes to living better at any age, one change can make all the difference. However, with so many options, navigating options can be daunting. Luckily for you, WMEC’s Intake & Referral (I&R) team is here to help. The first people you connect with at WestMass Eldercare will assess your needs, goals, and resources during a brief introductory conversation. Then they will recommend resources or services that may be most helpful for your unique situation. If WestMass Eldercare is unable to provide the service, they connect you with the agency that can ensure you receive helpful referrals or options.

This care and attention holds true for everyone who calls in. The I&R team has three members who speak fluent Spanish and can be accessed easily from the main line. Additionally, the team has resources that help translate any language that way there will be no barriers to your better quality of living.

Although WMEC’s I&R team specializes in serving as WMEC’s “front door”, that isn’t the end of their relationships with aging parents, caregivers, and others in need. They support case managers in finding resources, distribute PPE, and work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure everyone WMEC meets receives nothing less than the best customer service. Many elderly consumers have established relationships with the I&R team and will ask to speak with members by name. There is comfort in their relationship and trust that the I&R team is proud to have fostered.


Has one of these resolutions resonated with you? WMEC’s team is ready to help you find your unique path to success. Don’t know what you want to do to live better in 2022? Call the I&R team today and they’ll help you by listening to your needs and goals and identifying the steps to help you get there. Reach out today!