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Through WMEC’s Adult Family Care program, caregivers generously open their homes to people as young as 16 who need emotional and physical support. These acts of kindness are gifts to those in need, allowing many to live safely in their communities with helpful, compassionate companions. Families who are caring for a loved one can also become Adult Family Care caregivers, giving you and your loved one support, nursing, and care management resources and reimbursement for providing care. 

If you want to make a difference in the lives of others by giving back to elders and those with disabilities, caregiving is a perfect fit. Read further to learn why caregiving is one of the most rewarding, compelling ways to give back. 


  1. Caregiving allows older adults and individuals with disabilities to retain their quality of life and independence. 

A recent survey from AARP revealed that 77 percent of adults ages 50 and older want to remain in their homes for the long term. Caregivers help make this possible. With the Adult Family Care Program, adults can receive care that allows them to remain where they feel comfortable and safe. 

Whether the caregiver is a family member or a generous individual who opens their home to help, the care recipient will receive the necessary support, guidance, and compassion to maximize their quality of life and continue their daily activities as independently as possible with a friend by their side. 


2. Caregiving helps older adults experience less isolation and depression. 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many older adults experienced increased isolation and mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, nearly 1 in 4 older adults have a mental health condition. 

The Adult Family Care program helps individuals receive the emotional support and companionship they need to thrive. These living situations provide social interaction and stability in a family-like setting for care recipients ages 16 and older. 

Caregivers also help adults maintain their physical health by assisting with activities of daily living such as laundry, housework, and cooking meals. They can aid with bathing, moving in and out of the shower, and providing medication reminders to those with severe medical conditions. 

Receiving this support for their physical and emotional needs empowers AFC care recipients to live well-rounded, healthy lives. 


3. Caregiving allows you to meet new people with extraordinary lives. 

If you are opening your home to a care recipient through the Adult Family Care program, you can be introduced to people you wouldn’t have met otherwise and who may enrich and impact your life in many positive ways. Every individual has countless stories to share, wisdom to impart, and thoughts and perspectives that may differ from yours.  

Every experience as a caregiver will help open your eyes to different ways of thinking, allowing you to learn about a care recipient’s unique lived experiences and history while establishing a new network of friends. 

As Bill Nye once said, “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” As a caregiver, you will experience this firsthand. 


4. Caregiving through AFC provides payment for your support. 

Adult Family Care is a MassHealth-funded program providing a non-taxable stipend to caregivers aiding a family member in their home. If you are caring for someone outside of your family, you can also receive monetary support! These payments are based on the individual personal care needs of the recipient. Additionally, the care recipient pays a monthly room and board fee from their funds. 


5. Caregiving through AFC provides access to resources for improved care. 

If you want to become a caregiver but are worried you don’t have the necessary tools to tend to specific needs, we can help. We connect members of the AFC program with a variety of resources such as home-safety items (railings, personal alert systems, grab bars), quality-of-life products (medication organizers, toilet seat risers), and mobility supports (wheelchair ramps). 

WMEC’s nursing and social work staff provides ongoing education, training, and case management support which help you learn the best caregiving practices and how to balance your personal life as a caregiver. 


To learn more about the Adult Family Care program, visit our Services & Programs page. Caregiving is a gift to others and to yourself; don’t miss your chance to start your life-changing journey today!