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Money Management

A Helping Hand When It Matters Most

WestMass ElderCare’s Money Management Program is a free, in-home service that assists low income elders and disabled persons with paying bills, writing checks, budgeting and balancing a checkbook. The program does not advise on investments or other financial matters, nor does it provide banking services. The goal is to facilitate the elder’s or disabled person’s continued at-home, independent lifestyle.

Money Management

Indications that an elder or disabled person has a money management problem:

  • unpaid bills scattered around the house
  • utilities shut off within last 12 months
  • complaints of lack of money to pay bills
  • anxiety over paying bills
  • physical disabilities
  • confusion, memory loss, anxiety or depression
  • Age 60 and over
  • Low income with limited assets
  • No family or friends to assist
  • Willing to accept assistance and third party monitoring of bank statements
  • Live in the WestMass ElderCare service area

Bill Payer Program is designed for elders who can make financial decisions and sign checks, but are at risk because they have difficulty budgeting, balancing a checkbook, or paying bills on time.

Representative Payee Program is designed for elders who are unable to make decisions regarding money management, and, a physician and the Social Security Administration have consented to the appointment of a Representative Payee.

The Representative Payee assumes legal authority to:

  • write and sign checks for consumer
  • perform all Bill Payer services