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Family Caregiver Support

Caring For Your Loved Ones

Family Caregiver Support provides assistance, respite care, financial assistance and information/outreach to Family Caregivers. Family Caregiver Support provides assistance to older adults, adults with diseases, older adults caring for young children, and adults caring for a disabled child.

Who Needs Family Caregiver Support?

  • An adult age 60 years or older.
  • An adult of any age with Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • A grandparent or relative caregiver (not a parent) (age 55 years or older) caring for grandchildren (age 18 years or younger).
  • An adult disabled child between the ages of 19 and 59.

What Do Family Caregiver Support Groups Do?

  • Provides assistance and training for caregivers to help make quick, informed decisions and problem-solve while overseeing supervised care for a loved one.
  • Delivers Respite Care to allow caregivers time away from their day-to-day duties of caregiving.
  • Offers Supplemental Services and/or Financial Assistance for caregivers or care recipients to purchase needed care items like grab bars, emergency response systems, etc.
  • Provides Information/Outreach to the public or individual caregivers that outlines resources and services within their own communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does WMEC supply the respite person?

No, WMEC does not. We can supply a list of providers to contact or you may use a family member or friend.

Does WMEC have a contractor to build ramps?

No, WMEC does not. We recommend contacting Home Sweet Home via Stavros or we suggest hiring an independent contractor. Invoices can be submitted to WMEC for partial reimbursement.

How does the program work, do you need my income, is there a fee?

Once opened and introduced to Family Caregiver Support Groups, the caregiver may remain open and receive support/counseling/information/resources, as needed. Family Caregiver Support requires no income information to be supplied. There is no fee for the Family Caregiver Support program.

For more information, please call our WestMass ElderCare Information and Referral Specialists at (413)538-9020.

Family Caregiver Support