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  • Bilingual/Bicultural Care Coordinator
  • Home Care RN
  • Geriatric Support Service Coordinator
  • Meal Site Coordinator 
  • Nutrition LGBTQ Outreach Coordinator (Part Time/Temporary)
  • Receptionist/Clerical Assistant-Bilingual/Bicultural
  • Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse-PCM Program (Per Diem) 

WestMass ElderCare is a dynamic human service agency comprised of a caring, competent and professional staff. Direct care staff receive satisfaction from providing needed services to elders and disabled individuals in our area. Support staff know that they provide the necessary infrastructure to make WestMass ElderCare’s mission a reality. In addition to a salary commensurate with the responsibilities and qualifications necessary for the job, the following benefits are provided for full time staff:  

 Health Insurance – Three generous plans to choose from.

  • Dental Insurance for the employee and eligible family members at no cost to the employee.
  • Tax Shelter Annuity – the agency will match up to 7% of the employee’s salary.
  • Retirement Program – a defined contribution plan at no cost to the employee.
  • Life insurance policy equivalent to annual salary at no cost to the employee.
  • Generous vacation accrual.
  • Generous sick time accrual.
  • Two personal days after the first year of employment.
  • Twelve paid holidays.
  • Pre-tax deductions for medical and child care expenses.
  • Regular in-services and training opportunities.
  • Travel reimbursement at the current IRS allowable deduction rate.
  • A full time work week of 35 hours.

 Internship Opportunities 

WestMass ElderCare has a variety of volunteer and internship (unpaid) opportunities which improve the quality of life of the individuals we serve. Internship opportunities are available for Bachelor level social workers, Registered Nurses and Nutrition students. Contact our Human Resources Department to discuss your interests at 413 538-9020 or email human-resources@wmeldercare.org 

Volunteer Opportunities 

An Ombudsman visits residents of area nursing and rest homes every week to hear their concerns. They help to promote the belief that each of us has the right to a quality life, and that this right should be protected. Ombudsmen also believe that through their efforts, they can make a difference in the life of someone who needs them. Ombudsmen (Scandinavian word meaning representative of the people) are trained and certified by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs. He/she receives and investigates complaints, in confidence, on behalf of residents, their families and other interested parties. They provide information and referral to connect people with available long term care and community resources.  For more information please contact our Ombudsman Director, Elba Pires-Morgado at 413-538-9020 Ext. 331.A Money Management Volunteer assists low income, frail elders with paying bills, writing checks, budgeting and balancing a checkbook. The goal is to facilitate the elder’s continued at-home, independent lifestyle.  For more information please contact our Money Management Program Director Sheryl Eaton at 413-538-9020 Ext. 303.

 WestMass ElderCare is an EOE/AA Employer.






The Bilingual/Bicultural Care Coordinator is an integral component of the ACO/MCO member’s care team and long-term care management system for members age 3-64. She/he engages in activities, which incorporate a variety of disciplines and resources. The Care Coordinator is directly involved in the processes of outreach to assigned members, works in the home and community to assess for long-term services and supports, care planning and coordination at the point of care transitions. This involves working with the member on addressing current needs, updating the care plan including but not limited to health and wellness coaching, care team participation, connecting enrollee’s with social services and community resources, advocacy and problem solving.  The Care Coordinator engages in activities designed toward eliminating barriers and improving the health and overall well-being and cultural needs of enrollees.   


  1. Be knowledgeable of and comply with all state, federal and agency regulations, policies and procedures pertaining to elder services and WestMass ElderCare’s mission.
  2. Develops with the enrollee a personalized Care plan, based on the strengths and needs identified by the comprehensive assessment completed by the ACO/MCO, effectively addressing their needs and taking into consideration all available funding and service resources.
  3. Coordinates the delivery of services, linking the enrollee to the full range of appropriate systems to meet his/her needs and comply with Agency guidelines.
  4. Develop and maintain cooperative relationships with institutional and community service organizations in order to effectively utilize all available resources for enrollees.
  5. Acts as an advocate for the cultural needs of enrollees in matters related to obtaining or expanding needed services, and making the social system more responsive to the needs of the enrollee’s culture.
  6. Keeps current comprehensive assessments utilizing a comprehensive needs assessments completed by the ACO/MCO on enrollees for eligibility, need, and appropriate services.
  7. Monitors enrollees per established standards in order to evaluate their status, problems, strengths, and concerns and identifies the enrollee’s resources and needs.
  8. Assists enrollees and their families in identifying and securing appropriate services utilizing resources from other appropriate programs, existing community services, and other formal and informal supports.


  • Possesses the ability and willingness to support the mission statement, goals and policies of WestMass ElderCare; and has the ability to interpret, understand and adhere to the regulations, standards, and procedures as set forth by the Agency and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services.
  • Possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in social work, human services, nursing, psychology, sociology, or a related field from an accredited college, plus one year of experience
  • Associate’s Degree and will have 3 years relevant experience and/or strong interest in the field of human services via previous employment, internship, volunteer activity and/or additional studies
  • Previous experience working in a Windows based operating system and an electronic health record (EHR)
  • Ability to demonstrate organization of work, prioritization of tasks and schedule, attention to detail and programmatic timelines
  • Must understand and demonstrate rules of confidentiality and respect when working with consumers and ACO Partners/Care Collaborators (HIPAA etc.)
  • Of Hispanic, cultural and linguistic background, with the ability to communicate effectively in English and Spanish, (orally and written).


Please apply by emailing your resume to human-resources@wmeldercare.org





The Geriatric Support Service Coordinator serves as a Caremanager. He/She engages in activities designed toward eliminating barriers and improving the conditions and well-being of clients. The GSSC as a member of the interdisciplinary elder care team is an integral component of the community care and long-term care management system for clients. The GSSC is directly involved in the processes of assessment, service planning and coordination, advocacy, problem solving, and gatekeeping.


  • Develop and maintain cooperative relationships with institutional and community service organizations in order to effectively utilize all available resources for elders.
  • As a member of the Primary Care Team (PCT), (physician, RN, or physician assistant) participates in the initial and ongoing assessments of the health and functional status of enrollees, including determining appropriateness for institutional long term care services and developing community-based care plans and related service packages necessary to improve or maintain an enrollee’s health and functional status.
  • Arranges and, with the agreement and authorization of the PCT and in accordance with requirements set forth by SCO, coordinates the provision of appropriate community long term care and social services and instrumental activities of daily living, housing, home-delivered meals and transportation etc.
  • Authorizes a range of community-based services based on specific conditions or circumstances established by the SCO and the PCT.
  • Ensures that referrals for service are made to Commonwealth Care Alliance’s (CCA) contracted provider network.
  • Provides CCA with regular feedback regarding vendor performance.

Tracks enrollees transfers from one setting to another and adjusts the service plan as deemed appropriate by the PCT and in accordance with requirements set forth by the SCO.

  • Participates in the CCA’s task force and committee functions as requested and as time permits.


  • Possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant social service field from an accredited college and two years’ professional experience in the care of persons over the age of 65, with at least one year involving work in a setting where persons over 65 receive health-care services.
  • License in Social Work preferred.
  • Possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to work successfully in the multidisciplinary team

Please apply by emailing your resume to human-resources@wmeldercare.org





The Registered Nurse participates as a team member involved in the assessment, review, integration and development of the interdisciplinary service plan for Home Care consumers and assessment of assigned non-HC consumers. The Registered Nurse is responsible for assigned nursing assessments/duties within the Home Care (HC) Department, including Clinical Assessment & Eligibility (CAE) and the Comprehensive Service and Screening Model (CSSM) Programs.


  1. Complies with all current and applicable state, federal and agency regulations, policies and procedures pertaining to HC services, CAE, CSSM and any other applicable WMEC programs.
  2. Performs in-home, comprehensive health assessments to determine personal care needs, develops Personal and/or Behavioral Care Plans, and maintains reassessment caseload.
  3. Educates consumers, caregivers/families within parameters of the Aging Services Access Points (ASAP) RN scope of practice and care planning, makes referrals and communicates with appropriate providers and resources.
  4. Conducts CAE screenings/assessments per established standards for both MassHealth (MH) recipients or applicants (or Non MH for Enhanced Community Option Program) for all appropriately funded Nursing Facility (NF) or Community based services, including Adult Day Health (ADH), Frail Elder Waiver (FEW) or Community Nursing Home Screens (CNHS).
  5. Reviews and completes pre-admission NF screening requests from WMEC area hospitals/rehabilitation facilities, and issues appropriate clinical decisions.
  6. Participates in interdisciplinary (IDT) review of cases and makes appropriate recommendations for HC, CAE and CSSM consumers.
  7. Timely completion of NF clinical determination activities, including weekly (or less as indicated) on-site consumer visits to assigned nursing facilities, comprehensive assessments, review of clinical data and meeting with pertinent staff.
  8. Prioritizing who should begin receiving the active assistance of the CSSM Care Manager and other interdisciplinary discharge planning team (IDTP) members seeking possible discharge from the NF.
  9. Collaborates with members of the IDPT to support consumers goals, assist NF residents in overcoming barriers to discharge by formulating/implementing a care plan that meets the resident’s needs in the community.
  10. Develops and maintains effective relationships with facilities i.e., skilled nursing facilities, hospitals as well as community service organizations in order to be cognizant of available resources.


Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing or Associates of Science degree in Nursing and at least one year of clinical experience and/or nursing in a community or long term care setting; or a diploma RN and two additional years of community-based nursing experience or long term care direct service experience.

  • Experience in community, home health, case management or nursing facility care preferred.
  • Knowledge of the aging process, mental health and developmentally challenged populations preferred.
  • An understanding and acceptance of the role of the Registered Nurse at WestMass ElderCare which includes:
    • Assessment
    • Referral to appropriate agency and/or service
    • Monitoring
    • Teaching as it applies to the consumer care plan
  • Consulting with care managers regarding the medical assessment and consumer needs
  • The role of the Registered Nurse at WestMass ElderCare does not include:
  • Making diagnosis
  • Direct hands on care that includes but is not limited to treatment, preparing medications, etc.
  • Possesses knowledge of community resources and social health intervention techniques desirable.


Please apply by emailing your resume to human-resources@wmeldercare.org





The Congregate Meal Site Coordinator provides assistance and coordination at a congregate meal site for senior citizens.


  1. Coordinates the daily operation of a senior citizens’ congregate meal site as designated by the Nutrition Program Manager. 
  1. Assures a NAPIS registration form for new participants is completed and returned to WMEC. 
  1. Assists in distributing NAPIS forms once a year in May for updating client records. 
  1. Works with and organizes volunteers at the congregate meal site. 
  1. Ensures that the congregate meal site premises are maintained according to specified health, safety and nutritional guidelines – alerting the Nutrition Program Director of any concerns. 
  1. Maintains an up to date inventory of all equipment and supplies pertaining to the congregate meal program. Orders from WestMass ElderCare appropriate supplies and equipment as necessary. 
  1. Oversees the congregate meal site reservations and meal ordering system, and maintains appropriate records pertaining to these actions. 
  1. Oversees the caterer’s food delivery and site serving operations, ensuring proper nutrition and sanitation procedures are followed.


  • Previous experience in food service and/or elder services is required.
  • Must be able to provide accurate, mathematical documentation.
  • Possesses good communication skills, e.g., ability to instruct, to direct, to speak and to listen.
  • Possesses the ability to approach people in a manner, which creates harmony and promotes cooperation.
  • Possesses the ability to establish and re-arrange priorities.
  • Must be able to carry light objects less than 20 pounds.
  • Must be able to concentrate on moderate details with some interruptions.
  • Must be able to work effectively in a changing environment.
  • ServSafe certified or equivalent.
  • This is a part time position of 20 hours of work per week.

Please apply by emailing your resume to human-resources@wmeldercare.org




Position Summary:

The Outreach Coordinator to the Nutrition Department establishes communication and rapport with various special focus and community groups to promote the activities of the Nutrition Department to the LGBTQ+ community.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Establish connections with various community groups to communicate and promote the activities of the WestMass ElderCare Nutrition Department to the LGBTQ+ community, specifically promoting the monthly Rainbow Supper Club.
  • Conducts presentations at appropriate times and locations to reach members of the LGBTQ+ community, including attending events during the evening or on weekends.
  • Creating flyers and marketing materials for events and outreach
  • Actively participates and assists with the successful conduct of Rainbow Supper Club events, including setup, service of meals and cleanup at scheduled events.


Possesses excellent communication and presentation skills.

  • Understanding how to facilitate a Steering committee group and centering the needs of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Possesses social media, email/computer/design skills. Including Mailchimp; Google Applications including Google Forms, Sheets, Docs, & Drive; Canva image editor for flyers. 
  • Ability to create affirming, inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ older adults in the community and understand the complexities of intersecting identities. For example, LGBTQ+, individuals of color, people living with disabilities, elders, immigrants, undocumented people, low-income people.  

Please send you resume to human-resources@wmeldercare.org



RECEPTIONIST/CLERICAL ASSISTANT – BILINGUAL                                                            

General Summary

Responsibilities include providing a welcoming presence to those who call or come to WestMass ElderCare.  Included in the responsibilities are processing the Agency mail. Provides clerical support as to the Personal Care Management Program.  This a full-time 35 hour a week position.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Covers the Reception Desk on a regular schedule. On days when staffing the Reception desk, completes all tasks related to working at the Reception Desk.
  2. Provides general clerical assistant to the Personal Care Management Program i.e., filing, compiling materials, etc.
  3. Maintains supply of all forms-for PCM program.
  4. Prepares required letters as requested and or needed for PCM Program
  5. Responds to general clerical needs as directed
  6. Graciously receives all visitors and notifies the appropriate person of the visitor’s arrival.
  7. Receives and routes all incoming calls to the appropriate person.
  8. Answers all incoming calls on eight lines (triple console) as soon as possible.
  9. Records and accurately delivers messages to the appropriate staff persons.
  10. Assists with training back-up receptionists.
  11. Distributes incoming faxes to mail boxes.
  12. Responsible for postage machine maintenance and supplies.
  13. Responds to request for alphabetizing, collating, stuffing envelopes, etc. while at Reception Desk.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Bilingual (due to the consumers we serve)
  • Ability and willingness to support the goals and policies of WestMass ElderCare.
  • Clerical skills including: accuracy in communications, e.g., spelling, some typing skills; ability to operate office equipment, e.g., copy machine, fax machine, and computer.
  • Possesses good telephone skills, i.e., speaks clearly, ability to listen and sort out important               
  • Must have the ability to understand and follow Agency procedures that relate to the Reception Desk.
  • Must have the ability to hear telephone conversations. (With or without adaptive equipment.)

Please send your resume to human-resources@wmeldercare,org.






The Registered Nurse participates in evaluation of potential program participants in their homes and provides on-going re-evaluations of program participants. The LPN conducts re-evaluations under the supervision of an RN. 


  1. Be knowledgeable of and comply with all state, federal and agency regulations, policies and procedures pertaining to the PCM Program and WestMass ElderCare’s mission.
  2. Evaluates the consumer’s physical and cognitive condition and resulting functional limitations to determine the consumer’s ability to benefit from personal care assistance services.
  3. Provides a determination of the scope and type of personal care services to be provided to consumers. Accurately represents the consumer’s need for physical assistance with ADLs and IADLs.
  4. Schedules and provides re-evaluation of consumers according to timeliness set forth in regulations.
  5. Completes brief assessment of Consumer’s ability to manage program.
  6. Attends meetings as directed by the Program Director and RN Coordinator.
  7. Maintains regular contact with RN Coordinator or Program Director, for work assignments and delivery of completed evaluations and assessments.
  8. Availability for mutually agreed upon number of cases per month. 


  • Has the ability and willingness to support the goals and policies of WestMass ElderCare.
  • Diploma from an accredited nursing program.
  • Valid license to practice as a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse in the Commonwealth of MA.
  • An understanding and acceptance of the role of the Registered Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurse at WestMass ElderCare which includes:
    • Evaluation
    • Referral to appropriate agency and/or service
    • Consulting with Program Director and/or RN Coordinator and with other appropriate agency and non agency staff regarding the nursing evaluation and the consumer’s needs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Please apply by emailing your resume to human-resources@wmeldercare.org