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As we make our way through 2021 and navigate the recovery from COVID-19, the qualities associated with perseverance ring true. Perseverance represents persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in completion. Perseverance takes determination, resolve, staying power, patience, endurance, dedication, commitment, and stamina. These qualities perfectly describe WestMass ElderCare’s team as well as many of our community partners over this challenging past year. We have stayed the course, weathering many changes related to public health along the way, and remaining steadfast in our provision of vital resources and services to our community.

News of effective vaccinations in late 2020 propelled active planning and collaboration amongst a variety of community partners to mobilize individually and collectively. There was a shared motivation among many local organizations to help get people vaccinated, especially older adults who had been isolated and had limited contact with friends and family during the pandemic. Health care providers, housing management and human services agencies partnered quickly in late winter and spring to facilitate vaccine clinic organization, education, access, and administration.

WMEC is grateful that these efforts have allowed us to return to our usual way of doing business, which is to see consumers face to face in their homes. This has been a gradual and welcome return to assessing needs and connecting with consumers in person. We refer to 2021 and the foreseeable future as “COVID recovery” and are continually adjusting to the changes that come with this new landscape. That said, we will continue to be vigilant and responsive to ongoing safety needs and COVID precautions as long as they remain necessary. We are acutely aware of the needs of families and caregivers who are navigating the complexities of home care and health care for their loved ones during this challenging time. We are here to help!

Our sincere gratitude goes to our dedicated staff and volunteers, as well as the many community partners who work with us to deliver quality care and services. We are, as ever, thankful for the support of local officials and state and federal legislative delegations. The guidance, time, and skills contributed by WMEC’s Board of Directors, Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council, and Money Management Advisory Council are invaluable and especially appreciated. Finally, our profound thanks go to all essential workers in health care and public safety, including direct care workers and staff of community organizations like WMEC.

WMEC remains true to its mission to preserve the dignity, independence, and quality of life of older adults and persons with disabilities desiring to remain within their own community. We remain grateful for good health, strong partnerships, and the organization that we are a part of to serve our communities.

Roseann Martoccia, Executive Director               Helene Florio, President, Board of Directors