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Adult Family Care

Adult Family Care (AFC) gives  older adults and individuals with disabilities who require supervised living personal care services in a warm, caring home environment.

Who We Serve:

  • Individuals 16 or older who require assistance with at least one essential activity of daily living
  • Individuals who prefer to receive care in a home setting
  • Individuals who wish to remain in their community, but are unable to live independently
  • Caregivers and individuals who may be biologically related, or unrelated but “like family”
  • Qualified caregivers who are matched to live in a person’s home.

We Can Help:

  • Enable older adults and individuals with disabilities to remain living in their community
  • Empower caregivers with financial compensation, education, and training
  • Encourage and assist your family with supporting your loved ones at home

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a family member be a caregiver?
Yes, with the exception of a spouse, legal guardian or a legal representative.

How long does the intake process take?

A typical intake process takes anywhere from 6-12 weeks. Our team will work with the caregiver and individual throughout this time planning with you and ensuring that needed information is processed and approval from your PCP is secured.

Is it necessary for the client and caregiver to live together?
Yes, clients and caregivers are required to live together.

Caregiver Eligibility:
Caregivers must demonstrate a desire to provide a warm and caring environment and a comfortable room in a home that meets specific safety regulations.

Client Eligibility
Participants must require daily physical assistance and supervision for activities  such as bathing, dressing, toileting, or walking. Participants must have MassHealth (Medicaid) or pay privately.

Adult Family Care is a MassHealth-funded program. Host families receive a non-taxable stipend that is based on the personal care needs of the participant. The participant pays a monthly room and board fee to the caregiver from their own funds.

Placement Process:
Potential caregivers are initially screened by telephone to determine if they meet basic requirements and can provide adequate supervision in the home. Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI)checks are completed on the applicant and other adults in the household. Home visits are made by the Adult Family Care Staff to evaluate the caregiving capabilities of the applicant. If an appropriate match is found, the individual and caregiver are introduced through a series of visits to assess compatibility. If all parties agree, a placement is made. For related persons or those who have an established relationship, the intake process may move more quickly as they know each other well.    

Ongoing Support:
An assigned Social Worker and Registered Nurse make monthly visits to monitor and assess participant and caregiver well-being, work on a person centered care plan with the caregiver and participant as well as provide ongoing training to the caregiver.


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