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When you care for family members and people in your community, you’re rewarded in more ways than you can imagine.

WMEC’s Adult Family Care (AFC) program — formerly known as Adult Foster Care — supports caregivers who generously give help by opening their homes to people as young as 16 who need assistance in performing daily tasks and living safely.

If you want to or already look after your mom, dad, older relative, or neighbor, be sure to read our five surprising benefits for caregivers of AFC programs that can help caregivers out on this rewarding journey.


1.      You Can Get Paid

Do you think that caring for aging parents has to be a major expense for you and your family? Think again! Adult Family Care is a MassHealth-funded program, which provides a non-taxable stipend to caregivers aiding a family member in their home.

Similarly, when caring for someone outside of their family, host families receive monetary support based on the unique, personal care needs of the care recipient. Additionally, the care recipient pays a monthly room and board fee from their own funds.


2.      Your Parent Doesn’t Need to Live with Strangers

How often has your aging parent told you, “I don’t want strangers in my home”? According to a study, “Aging in Place in America,” senior citizens’ biggest fears were losing their independence and moving into a nursing home. In fact, 82% of the older adults surveyed wanted to stay at home in some capacity.  Luckily for them, our Adult Family Care program empowers you to fulfill their wishes. Many members of this program provide care for relatives, allowing them to remain where they’re comfortable and enjoy the independent lifestyles they prefer.


3.      You Can Access Resources for Improved Care

Many first-time AFC caregivers want to support the older adults in their lives but worry that they may not be able to tend to their specific needs. The good news is we have many ways to empower you to be your best. We connect members of our AFC program with a variety of resources like home-safety items (grab bars, railings, personal alert systems), quality of life products (toilet seat risers, medication organizers), and mobility supports (wheelchair ramps).

Resources don’t stop with accessibility and safety. WMEC has a variety of programs and educational opportunities to keep you updated on the best practices for providing care and how you can balance your personal life and goals while tending to another person.


4.      Grow Your Family (and Friends!)

Did you know that you can be part of our AFC program and help someone outside of your family? If you’ve read our previous blog on Adult Family Care, you’d know that you can open your home to members of your community who need support.

When aiding younger and older adults who require assistance, many caregivers find they create deep, lasting relationships with them. They gain new friends, even welcoming them as members of their family.

There’s truth in the statement, “You get when you give.” By opening your home and your heart to people, you are rewarded in turn. Whether you’re aiding a family member or someone you met through our applicant matching process, you spend more time with them and learn from them. Sharing stories, finding new life experiences, and improving your skills means you’re always growing as a person and a caregiver.


Excited to learn more about our Adult Family Care program or see how you can benefit from it? Check out our service page or give us a call at 413.538.9020.